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Shopping Austin Real Estate

Things to Consider When Shopping for Austin Real Estate

When you are in the market for a new home, you can easily become charmed by a stylish interior and well-maintained landscape.  However, there are many more factors to consider before making such a significant purchase.

Following are some things to think over during your Austin home search:

Is the property really within your budget?

Before you start looking at homes determine how much your budget will permit.  This will save you the disappointment of discovering your dream home only to find out that it exceeds your resources.  You might be able to make your payments now, but what if interest rates or property taxes increase?  It’s important to consider all possibilities when determining what you can afford.

Is the property suitable for your family’s lifestyle?

Do you love to cook and spend most of your time in the kitchen?  Do you enjoy entertaining?  Do you have teenage children that need their own space?  Carefully consider what is important to your family and what type of space will provide the most comfortable setting.

Are the local amenities and schools adequate?

Finding the perfect house in a not-so-perfect location isn’t the right choice.  Spend time in the neighborhood and do some research before signing on the dotted line.  Some things to look for are facilities in the neighborhood, schools & hospitals, shopping centers and other common interest facilities.  Visit the neighborhood at night to determine the noise level and any other patterns of behavior that might be undesirable.

What is the property’s resale potential?

Since most homebuyers expect to buy a bigger and better home in the future, resale value is an important factor in decision-making. The number one rule of home resale value is location. If you purchase a home in a desirable location, odds are that location will remain in favor which attracts a larger pool of home buyers.  Other factors that affect resale value are things such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, storage space, layout, one level, garage, and home improvements.

Do all the fixtures and fittings presented at the viewing come with the property?

The issue of fixtures and fittings can be contentious, primarily because there is no law that specifies what should be left in the house and what should be removed. Different buyers have different expectations, so it is wise to clarify what will be included with the property in the early stages of the sale proceedings.

Does it make more sense to rent in the area?

One key question is whether it costs more, on average, to rent or own in your area.  The rule of thumb is that if you pay 35 percent less in rent than you would if you own – including the monthly mortgage, property taxes, and any homeowner’s fees – then it’s probably a better idea to continue renting.

Where to Start?

Even though the Internet provides buyers with detailed information regarding home listings, most buyers are better off using a professional agent.  This is where Capital City Sotheby’s International Realty can help you out.  Our agents are experts and know everything there is to know about the Central Texas area.  Give us a call so we can pair you up with an exclusive buyer agent who will have your interests at heart and can help you with strategies during the bidding process.  Allow us to represent you!  You can start by searching our Austin Real Estate Listings, and give us a call at 512-261-0008.

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